Book review: Cinderella’s Ashes


A dark little piece of lovely by Lizella Prescott. Definitely not your normal retelling of Cinderella. We eshew the gentle, sweet servant girl of yore for a tale about pyrokinetic psycho.

And I liked it. It’s short, but rich, and relies on taking the elements of a familiar story and giving them chilling twists. I wanted it to be longer, but that’s because I was enjoying the story itself.

A few personal dislikes marred the otherwise fantastic story: for the eviluz antagonists who might be a touch too stupid to live (despite my personal knowledge with flash fiction, some depth is always sacrificed.) and the threat of sexual slavery (Why are so many female protagonists threaten with rape and prostitution?), but those are personal quirks of mine. Those elements do not dominate the story, and only detract from it because they are my personal dislikes.

If you are looking for something short, but good, this one is right up your ally.

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