Book Review:Confessions of a Shapeshifter


A lovely little story by Sarah Sunday. I was initially intrigued by the blurb, just two sentences long. As that’s my approach to the ancient art of blurb writing, I gave this one a shot.

And was intrigued. As always, anything other than third-person threw me for a moment, but the prose, character, and story sucked me right back in.

This is a wonderful look at an existential crisis. I enjoyed the world building, and could easily picture this Empire. The various races and entities feel organic and despite having no familiarity with this fictional world, I wasn’t lost when the main character talked about their life and experiences.

For me, as always, the question comes down to “would I read it again”? I enjoyed it, beyond a doubt, but there is nothing drawing me back. While the characters are easy to relate to and fleshed out, they are simple. And the prose is engaging, but not mind blowing. There’s nothing here that I want to revisit.

I enjoyed my time in this world, and I think others would, too. But I’d rather look at my pictures than pack up and head back.

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