Mondays mean webcomics!

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The first chapter of the web comic is almost finished. We have perhaps a dozen more pages to go. The number isn’t firm because adaptations need some flexibility. But people who know The Hunted can confirm that if Mina is on the trail, things are about to get hairy for somebody. And Mina is most definitely on the trail.


And the first of the month means Chelsea Childling!


As much as I am enjoying not having the monthly story published, or daily writing blogs, I’m still super stoked about these two series.

First off, Miss Ashley Jane is just fabulous. And she’s available for logos and other design work!

Secondly, I love that I’m keeping my short story skills sharp. Plus the additional challenge of writing completely human, non-magical people hunting monsters is a fun challenge.┬áThe newsletter goes out the first Monday of every month. So yes, you only have a few hours to sign up before you have to wait a whole month to find out what Chelsea is up to.

As for me? I’m about to start some dinner, pick some blackberries, and get some writing done!



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