It happened slowly, and then all at once.


One day I was lamenting relearning to slow my prose, and the next I had a list of fifteen names for background characters that I knew I would maybe use two of during the actual writing.


It sounds ridiculous, but everybody who writes an epic has those lists. And because these are background characters that I use on the regular, they were all given a few characteristics and a sentence or two of backstory.

And when I finished this list, I  immediately got online and announced it to my epic fantasy writing group.


And I got cheered.


The beacons have been lit, The Haven has called for aid, and my fellow writers have answered.


If I had the slightest commitment to this bit, I would have changed Rohirrim to Betas.

Now I just have to finish the damn thing. Book One: The Haven is done. Book Two: The Red Witch… is still in the white room stage, the other four? We’ll get to it. I don’t have a publishing date, just the will to get this written.

And I finally feel like a writer of epics again.






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