Let the holidays begin!

So in accepting that I shall lose NaNoWriMo this year, Santa’s Amazon is not stressing the start of the holidays. I have much baking to do, as well as some casual furniture management.

One of my holiday guests is a wonderful chocolate lab. Unfortunately, my fraidy cat, Bruce, is not as thrilled about this as I am. We’re going to be putting his food and cat cubby in the bathroom, with his litter box, so that he can try to calm down. I’m not expecting great results.

Chelsea is still going, if going slow.  I’m having fun meandering around with her, and she deserves some down time. Also, I haven’t written nearly enough characters Wandering the Earth.  The Drifter is an archetype that got played with in the Pittsburgh Stories, but only when the Trojan was in town. We never followed him around on adventures.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has started her wandering, and it’s fun to write, but very slow. I’m filling in the blanks on monsters that I’ve mentioned, as well as creating new ones. That’s often the most time consuming thing about a story. You need a *good* monster, or the hunt in unsatisfying.

So, Happy Thanksgiving! I have pies and rolls to bake, a bathroom to rearrange, and monsters to detail.

Life is good.

7cf0bc80401a35b6413fcb7685e87bdc (1)
How I am really handling all of this…


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