Hello Christmas

My NaNo is a joke, but I have over a year’s worth of stories, so… draw. I’m happy with myself.


But I can get back to beta-reading for friends and writing my novels soon. Well, in between decorating for Christmas and being a mom.

I am Santa’s Amazon

I am excited to get back to my novels though. I’ve been running dialogue when Chelsea gets away from me. Which she frequently does.


She tossed out a lot of my plans for her and did her own thing. And I’m okay with that. The process was organic and Chelsea and Amber made choices that were in character.

Blatant lies, it’s a thing…

No matter how annoying it was to end up in the middle of week two with no more game plan. *grumble grumble plantser*.


But I will admit that I’m having more fun with than I planned originally, so…

Ironically, Ariel is one of the physical and emotional models for Chelsea.



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