A very Merry whatever holiday you celebrate

Yes, it’s that time. Santa’s Amazon is going on holiday hiatus.

The kids are home, the cookies need to be baked, and I have a closet full of presents to wrap.

I’m in freakin heaven.


But it does make finding the time to write difficult at best. I am, as I type this, putting off letting the kids in my room, where the Xbox is. They don’t get video game time during the week and Minecraft is calling.


But only two of them are dying for Minecraft. The third is quite happy playing Xcom. And by happy I mean yelling at the screen and discussing strategy out loud.

Basically, I love my kids, but there is no concentrating on snappy dialogue while they are home. At least not if I want to keep track of them. And believe me, it’s always best to keep track of them.

I have two boys and a girl, but yeah… These are my kids. 



So I’ll be back on January 2nd, with new Chelsea.


Free stories!


Until then, celebrate the holidays as you do!

See you next year.

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