Happy Monday

I got so much writing done last week.


Okay, not really. But I did get a vignette finished for the Uncommon Animals Anthology and I got to write chapter that I’ve been envisioning for several years. And I figured out how to “fix” a huge section of Red Witch. All of this, of course, is awesome… even if it isn’t large amounts of words being put down.

And I didn’t actually finish chapter 12 yet.


So yeah… lots to do, and still getting it done. Mostly. I hope.tumblr_inline_mt119ofqxp1qz4rgp

I’m not sure if I will continue to draft book three, or hop back over to Red Witch, clean it up, and send it out for beta reads. We’ll see what I want to work on this week.

For now, I have chores calling my name.


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