Oh crap, I forgot my blog…

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier… I’ve been writing… kind of.



I had a major breakthrough in Red Witch, but I’m having some trouble implementing it. I need to find the right places to make those changes.


And then there is Book Three… which is all kinds of tricky and complicated. It’s very, very hard to write a book without using the Main Character’s POV. I’m persevering, though.

the wall

That one has been put on hold until I figure out how to fix Red Witch though. At this point, I need to make sure my timelines match up. My novels are much, much more complicated that my novellas, and I play with structure and timeline a lot. So any changes to the timeline are pretty massive.

But it’s the best thing for the book, so I have to get it done.


Regardless, I am writing again, and it feels soooo good.


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