Nailing jello to a tree, during a heatwave

The last month has been rough for me, as far as writing is concerned.


Far worse than genuine writer’s block, I’ve had writer’s lack of ability to get the DAMN WORDS OUT.

I know what I want to write. I know where to put it in the draft, but nope, it’s not getting written.

So what to do?


At present, at least once a week, I get on twitter, list all the ways I am procrastinating, eventually forcing myself to write. Then I post the totals. It’s not ideal, but it means some work is getting done.

The other thing is talking about my work. My writing groups and beta readers, but also my husband, the only person on earth who knows the full story. It really helps me get the story out. Or at least straight in my own head.

Hopefully, I can get some real motivation soon.


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