It’s the first Monday of the month, and that means a new Chelsea Childling story.


A human, non-magical, non-super powered, completely mundane person who hunts monsters? Are you in?

The stories come out the first Monday of the month at noon PST and are absolutely free. Sometimes, you might get an ad for my webcomic or my books, but you always get a free story.

Not sold yet? How about an excerpt:

Chelsea edged toward one ferret-like creature, trying not to alarm it. “Are hedge doctors really that bad?”

Harry swooped on the unsuspecting dronke. “Uncle Bart don’t think so, but he ain’t been home in years. He owes them damn hedge doctors in Pittsburgh so many favors that he can’t even leave the city.”


Seem like this might be your bag? You still have a few hours to sign up!

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