The hamster wheel


I’m stuck once more.

I thought the fight scene was going to be my sticky patch. But I banged that right out. It sucks but it’s done. I was too excited to get back to writing. And then I realized that I could combine three chapters into one again, and I got super excited.

Unfortunately, I’m on week two and still only writing in my head. I can start the combo chapter, but I can’t seem to finish it. Nothing works.


So round and round I go.


And then last night, I had another bad bout of insomnia. Long time readers (all six of you) know what that means.

I need to get writing. Sleep will continue to allude me until I do.


However this morning I found myself reading old stuff again, instead of working on the new stuff. Every time I tried to focus on the new stuff, I got to a particular scene, my mind went blank, and I started reading Denouement from Last Call.



It seems I have a few sleepless nights ahead of me until I get this sorted out.

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