The wheels are turning, again, and there are miles still to go

It’s most daunting part of writing an epic. The road ahead of me.


I may or may not be showing off some pics my epic cross country move last year.

I spent two weeks contemplating a huge change to the narrative and consequently not sleeping. Something that hasn’t been a part of my life for some time now. My friends and family are shocked. Kate gets 6-8 hours of sleep, on the regular,  and I like it.


But this past month really hammered something home. I’m going to do this, no matter how long it takes. If it means a few sleepless nights here and there… I’ll take them, and I’ll keep rolling down the road.


And much like driving across the prairie, I can the epicness in front of me, but I’m acutely aware of how far away it is.


Montana, man, Montana

And some days that is overwhelming. Today though, as I sip coffee and look at the five chapters I got squared away this weekend, I can take some pride in the road traveled so far. This leg isn’t even close to done, but I’m back on the road.

In the battle cry of my brethen, I proclaim I #amwriting.




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