A hitch in the giddy up

I got over that one chapter, but ran smack into the exposition chapter.


And I don’t mind the expo chapter. I actually like them, reading and writing. But this is the… fourth version of this I’ve written this year. Little changes in the timeline (and more than one HUGE change in the timeline) makes for big changes in the actual words of the expo chapter, but not in the overall story. Which I know seems like it should be a contradiction…


*sigh* And worse, I know that I’ll probably just have to change it all again in a few months.

Like can I really get away with *People discuss things, mysteries are prodded, but not solved, Marley is snarky in his head, Edie is snarky out loud, and now we’re going to investigate Audra.*

Writers, if you got that in beta-read would you keep reading?

Me either.

sigh annoyed

Anyway, I have cake and bread to bake, and five or six exposition chapters to shift through so I don’t have to write this thing from scratch. Again.


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