What? It’s *still* that same chapter?!

Okay, I’m being just a touch hyperbolic. Yes, I am working on that same chapter, two weeks on. Like it’s been so slow that the beta-read I was using as my treat for finishing the chapter was getting to the point of embarrassingly¬†late. I had to give up on finishing the chapter and just read the manuscript for my friend.


And truthfully, I have been plugging away. Not as quickly as I would like, but a steady outpouring of words. A few paragraphs a day, every day.


And I really can’t be upset about it. I think I hit on the final incarnation of this book. Not the final *draft* mind you, but the beginnings of the final drafts. I’m not expecting any major structural shake-ups, so I should be expanding on chapters, and starting to add the details.

Or that’s my current excuse, anyway.


Still, I’m sleeping, so I must be writing enough… right?

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