Road to Recovery

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you likely aren’t aware that I hurt my back right before the pandemic hit. On top of that, my mother passed away last spring. Oh, and my goldfish has cancer. Just kidding. The cat ate the goldfish.

And just to add insult to injury, fucking LITERALLY, the housing market was so insane, that my family’s long-standing plans to move to New York for our children’s education kept getting derailed. Every time we found a house we liked, we got outbid, like instantly. It was stress on top of insanity on top of pain.

So when one day that was just like any other day the past eighteen months, my husband saw a job in a small town in Oregon, much farther south and east than we had ever discussed living, but it’s his dream job, at his dream salary, he jokingly asked me if he should he apply.

And, as his manic pixie dream wife, I said, “You’re goddamn right you should apply. Who cares that it’s not anywhere we ever considered living. It’s small and safe, on a lake, in the mountains, in the high desert. Oh no! It’s gorgeous! Whatever shall we do…”

Now, we’re moving to Oregon in a week.

It’s strange how life works out. Because we had this plan to take advantage of free college in New York. That’s the main reason we moved back east. But not of the five of us actually wanted to live there. All of us have been battling depression and lowering expectations since we left the Pacific Northwest. And now, that’s over.

And Oregon has two free years instead of four. Oh no, the horror of a two year degree…

We’re all excited, and yes, a long road trip will be hard on me. It’s going to hurt. But this is the start of the road to recovery. This is me and my family getting what we want and what we need. And we get a long, fun road trip as well. Which will be well documented on Instagram and Twitter *hint hint*. Including a pit stop in Pittsburgh!

Chelsea stories will not be interrupted. I have two month back long, which is low for me, and I’m sorry. Once I get settled out west, I’ll get the full six months edited and logged. Cross my heart.

For now, I’m putting my sanity on the line as I finish packing and moving in five days. But then, I hit up Route 66, the St. Louis Arch, the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Tucumcari, the Grand Canyon, and whatever else I can find on the road as I start repairing my body and my mind.

The Road to Recovery starts for real on July 13th!

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