Road to Recovery: Day Two

Planned Route: Pittsburgh, PA To St Clair, MO

9 hours, 54 minutes of driving
654 miles
Proposed Stops: Topiary Park, Hoagies and Hops, Some of the world’s largest things, The Gateway Arch

This is one of three long days in the car and we’re hoping my back can take it. We do have alternatives planned.
But today should still be fun! There’s a topiary garden that’s gonna have me burst into Sondheim and Casey, IL is home to the world’s largest rocking chair, gavel, and mailbox.
This is also the true start of the #coffeechallenge. My daughter and I will be having coffee in every state we go through! Though on a six state day like to today, we’ll be sharing little ones…

Be sure to check instagram and twitter for pictures and updates from the road!

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