Road to Recovery: Day Seven

  • Planned route: Las Vegas, NV to Bieber, CA
  • 9 hours, 34 mins of driving
  • 594 miles
  • Planned stops: Beatty, NV, International Car Forest of the Last Church, and Lake Tahoe

Well, my trip has been completely altered. We had planned on camping in the desert one night. However, Las Vegas has spoiled us, and nobody wants to sleep on the ground after days in soft beds and poolside shenanigans.

So the question became do we push the full twelve hours to Klamath Falls? And nobody was sure we wanted to do that either.

In the end, we found a small town ten hours from Vegas. We’re aiming for that, and if we feel we can push those last two hours to Klamath, then we will. If not, it’s a short 2 hour drive in the morning, after we sleep in.

You’ll notice a dearth of stops here. The original plan was two short 6 hour days after Vegas, and I had only one planned stop for the last day (Lake Tahoe), on the assumption that we’d just want the trip to be over by then.

On the other hand, we’re driving along the Nevada Free-Range Art Highway and into Northern California, so even without my research, it’ll be gorgeous.

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