Chelsea Fights Ocean Fairies

The cold spray tasted of salt. Despite the chill in the air, Chelsea leaned over the side of the boat, letting her tumble in the wind. She had thought the prairie to be endless, but watching the ocean merge with the horizon reordered her perception and her soul.
*I had forgotten what the true edge of forever looked like.*

I Guess You Should, Chelsea Childling.

The Blind Bronco had never looked better to Chelsea as the cold, relentless wind blew her and Bentley through the door of the trailer. The bar stood immaculately clean, as always, and Florence smiled at her.
The teen aged beauty queen gestured to a stool. “Welcome back. I thought we’d seen the last of you.”

Chelsea and Keegan

She has halfway across the dirt parking lot when Keegan called out. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, stop.”

Chelsea didn’t stop walking, but she did slow down. “What do you want?”

Keegan jogged up to her. “Nothing.” Then he shrugged. “Maybe a ride to the next town.”

Chelsea Hunts a Brain Leech, pt2

Tall and thin, the brain leech’s only resemblance to humanity was being bipedal. But the silhouette offended her sense of proportion, being truly too thin to be human, and its face was utterly alien. The lack of a nose making it vaguely reptilian, but also a touch insectoid, with side mandibles.

Chelsea and Amber

“So, we keep our eyes open, and watch each other’s back.” Chelsea leaned over to taste Amber’s neck. “And your front… the profile is nice, too.”
A smile eventually broke the plane of Amber’s fear. It rose with the color in her skin. “You might be worse than Jackson.”

What’s going down tonight, Chelsea Childling?

Welcome back! Chapter Three: Chelsea and Bentley starts today!

Bald, pale, red-eyed, and razor
teethed, the vampire blurred out of focus as it ran across the dimly lit
parking lot.
Chelsea pushed the gas pedal of her car all the way to the floor, aiming for where the reaver would be. She hit the vampire in the back, sending it flying into the brick wall of the condemned apartment building.