Road to Recovery: Day Eight

Planned route: Sparks, NV to Klamath Falls, OR 4 hours, 29 minutes of driving 253 miles Planned stops: None So the spirit was willing, but it turns out that the flesh was spongey and bruised. Five hours into a ten hour day, it was clear that neither I, nor my husband was going to make […]

Chelsea on the Hudson

He carried a coffee cup and settled himself at her table. “Chelsea?”
“You must be Bob.”
He held out a hand. Bentley covered for her, raising a paw to shake.
Bob laughed as he shook with the dog. “So you want to help me with this Kipsey.”

Road to Recovery: Day Seven

Planned route: Las Vegas, NV to Bieber, CA 9 hours, 34 mins of driving 594 miles Planned stops: Beatty, NV, International Car Forest of the Last Church, and Lake Tahoe Well, my trip has been completely altered. We had planned on camping in the desert one night. However, Las Vegas has spoiled us, and nobody […]

Road to Recovery: Day Off, Part 2

So yesterday was our day off in Vegas, and we enjoyed it.Today we were supposed to get back on the road.But well, we don’t want to. Our hotel is banging and we have a five day cushion before my husband starts his new job. So one more day by the pool and then we’ll hit […]

Road to Recovery: Day Six

Planned Route: Flagstaff, AZ to Las Vegas, NV 5 hrs, 25 minutes of driving 346 miles Planned stops: The Grand Canyon Today is the literally the reason for the trip. When we started talking about this move, the first thing that really excited my family was going to the Grand Canyon. There was something irresistibly […]

Road to Recovery: Day Five

Planned route: Albuquerque, NM to Flagstaff, AZ 6 hours, 16 mins of driving 363 miles Planned stops: Boca Negra, Old Town Albuquerque, The Continental Divide, Petrified National Forest It’s always good to be flexible and have back up plans. Construction got us in to Albuquerque about an hour later than we planned and we had […]

Road to Recovery: Day Four

Planned Route: Elk City, OK to Albuquerque, NM 6 hours, 14 mins of driving 432 miles Proposed stops: Cadillac Ranch, Tucumcari, and Petroglyph National Monument Today we start slowing down, which everyone is thankful for. But this is also what we were looking forward to the most, the Southwest!

Road to Recovery

So when one day that was just like any other day the past eighteen months, my husband saw a job in a small town in Oregon, much farther south and east than we had ever discussed living, but it’s his dream job, at his dream salary, he jokingly asked me if he should he apply.
And, as his manic pixie dream wife, I said, “You’re goddamn right you should apply. Who cares that it’s not anywhere we ever considered living. It’s small and safe, on a lake, in the mountains, in the high desert. Oh no! It’s gorgeous! Whatever shall we do…”
Now, we’re moving to Oregon in a week.

Chelsea and the City Chupacabra

Inside the cracked walls lay a sleeping bag and kerosene cook stove as well as three heavy duty sledge hammers. Bart lifted one and rested it on his shoulder,“Don’t know how much experience ya might got with these, but against a little rock monster it seemed like the best tool.”
Morgan hefted one. “Like a baseball bat right? Choke up on the bottom?”
“And swing from the hips.” Chelsea lifted the final hammer.