Chelsea and Amber

“So, we keep our eyes open, and watch each other’s back.” Chelsea leaned over to taste Amber’s neck. “And your front… the profile is nice, too.”
A smile eventually broke the plane of Amber’s fear. It rose with the color in her skin. “You might be worse than Jackson.”

What’s going down tonight, Chelsea Childling?

Welcome back! Chapter Three: Chelsea and Bentley starts today!

Bald, pale, red-eyed, and razor
teethed, the vampire blurred out of focus as it ran across the dimly lit
parking lot.
Chelsea pushed the gas pedal of her car all the way to the floor, aiming for where the reaver would be. She hit the vampire in the back, sending it flying into the brick wall of the condemned apartment building.

We Are What We Are

Sister Mary Clarence pounded on the dorm door once more. “Chelsea Childling, open your door!”

Chelsea stared at the cheap, pressed particle board, wondering if the nun had the strength to knock it down. When Mary Clarence started pounding again, Chelsea sighed. She’d known this confrontation was inevitable. She’d just planned on the inevitable being much later. And maybe over the phone, long after she’s moved out of the dorm and quit school.

Hair of the Dog, Chelsea Childling

Hot, damp air blew across her face, and Chelsea rolled over. Her heart pounded in her temples and the light hurt her eyes.

Amber’s raspy voice reverberated in Chelsea’s skull. “Hair of the dog, hun.”

Chelsea reluctantly sat up, rubbing gingerly at her eyes. She accepted the mason jar of booze in silence. The bright sunshine felt wrong to her. Today should have been as dark and rainy as last night.