The Cabin in the Woods

“Well, there’s no credible sightings of a Kipsey in the local waters. It’s all obvious animals and hoaxes. And Bob has no known history of violence, not even in passing. Like I couldn’t find any unexplained injuries or attacks near his home/business, no missing pets or people either. And he’s lived here all his life, so it would be pretty easy to find this stuff.”

“Good start. Have you talked to any of his friends?”

“No, mostly because it hadn’t occurred to me to do so. This i

Chelsea Childling: Newbie Monster Investigator

He took a deep breath. “Don’t take this personally, but you’re taking this personally.”
“Jack…” A shiver ran down her back. “I–”
“I’m worried about you, okay? You almost got killed, and you seem worried more about why the guy did it.”
She settled on the bed next to Bentley. “Something about this feels weird. And I want to know what. There might still be a monster here.”

Chelsea Gets Some Help

The faintest hint of purple stained the night sky as Chelsea tied the boat to the dock.
Her prisoner stared up at her from the floor. “Are you just going to leave me here?”
She spotted at old T-shirt wedged into a seat. Her hop back into the boat set it to rocking gently. She ripped the shirt and mushed the smaller piece into Bob’s mouth before tying it in place. “You stay here.”

Road to Recovery: What Next?

It’s been an insane few weeks since my husband randomly applied to a job because it sounded too good to be true. But now, we’re here in Oregon, waiting for our stuff to show up. It was fun, but what next? See, the road trip, while a symbol of a new life and much needed […]

Road to Recovery: Day Eight

Planned route: Sparks, NV to Klamath Falls, OR 4 hours, 29 minutes of driving 253 miles Planned stops: None So the spirit was willing, but it turns out that the flesh was spongey and bruised. Five hours into a ten hour day, it was clear that neither I, nor my husband was going to make […]

Chelsea on the Hudson

He carried a coffee cup and settled himself at her table. “Chelsea?”
“You must be Bob.”
He held out a hand. Bentley covered for her, raising a paw to shake.
Bob laughed as he shook with the dog. “So you want to help me with this Kipsey.”

Road to Recovery: Day Seven

Planned route: Las Vegas, NV to Bieber, CA 9 hours, 34 mins of driving 594 miles Planned stops: Beatty, NV, International Car Forest of the Last Church, and Lake Tahoe Well, my trip has been completely altered. We had planned on camping in the desert one night. However, Las Vegas has spoiled us, and nobody […]

Road to Recovery: Day Off, Part 2

So yesterday was our day off in Vegas, and we enjoyed it.Today we were supposed to get back on the road.But well, we don’t want to. Our hotel is banging and we have a five day cushion before my husband starts his new job. So one more day by the pool and then we’ll hit […]

Road to Recovery: Day Six

Planned Route: Flagstaff, AZ to Las Vegas, NV 5 hrs, 25 minutes of driving 346 miles Planned stops: The Grand Canyon Today is the literally the reason for the trip. When we started talking about this move, the first thing that really excited my family was going to the Grand Canyon. There was something irresistibly […]