Sassy Saturday Blog Hop

Yes, it’s time for our weekly hop, run by the delectable Miss Jasmine. You can the other hoppers, here. Today’s excerpt, once again, come from Last Call: Denouement. The crowd of hunters roared as Mina ducked under Seth’s drunken punch. The red-haired hunter stood nearly as tall as Rick, which meant she barely cleared his […]

Saturday Scenes

Starting to clean up Monsters of Pittsburgh: Werewolves for publication. In honor of that I thought I’d show the opening. *** The slight shuffling of Maureen’s broken foot rolled Daisy Quinn off the cot and onto the cement floor before she woke up. “Twitchy, aren’t you?” Small, white teeth gleamed above Daisy. Maureen smiled too […]

Another snow day

Well, Linus blanketed us in snow. The husband and I are about to take the kids sledding, so I’mma be brief. Tomorrow my short story, Brownie goes live on Amazon. You can buy it today though, and wake up tomorrow with it ready to go. And please, sign up for my newsletter. The only way […]

Live Tweeting Today

Brownie is due to Amazon tomorrow.  I’ll be listening to it (Text to Voice is a godsend!) and live tweeting at 1PM. I can’t believe I’m already turning in the sixth Monsters of Pittsburgh story. This series has flown by. For those who have been waiting for it, the Omnibus Edition for Monsters of Pittsburgh […]

200 words

It’s my goal for today. 200 more words to finish the current Matty scene. Then I can switch it over to Mina and give her some action.  And I get a treat! Trying to keep my goals small and manageable so that I keep chugging along. While I hate feeling so behind schedule, I do […]

So I did a thing…

All the other writers are doing it, so I thought, maybe I should too! So, yes, I made a mailing list! I promise not to bombard you with stuff. I’m thinking twice a month. Once on publishing day, and again about two weeks later. That second one will be the sole home of my flash […]

New Years Revelation

So all my friends are posting their New Year’s Writing Resolutions. And here I am, coffee and stuffed French toast, and I realized that writing-wise, I’m in a good place. I mean, I’m always learning and trying to improve, but really I’m good. I wished I had finished the finale of the final series, still […]

#saturdayscenes AND Publishing Day!

Yup! It’s a publishing day! So I have a scene from Wendigo for everybody! *** Dean pulled the Mustang into the post office parking lot. “That’s the phone.” Sam grunted and picked at his teeth with his nail. The silence stretched out, but Dean didn’t know how to break it. Sam stared out the window […]


Comes out tomorrow! Though you can pre-order it from Amazon. This story has a story. And it starts with the original Mina and Matty story: The Hunted. See, I was writing something for a competition, and I desperately needed names. So I stole them from a friend’s book, with permission. So Sam and Rick, became […]

A crumbled Hunter’s Moon

“Did you know that Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, and more stairs than San Francisco?” Why did I pick the opening sentence as the one to sum up the last story? Because the entire piece hinges on what Giorgios knows that you don’t. Which is quite a bit. And yes, I know common wisdom […]