Balancing act

Been working on the sequel to Hedge Doctor this week. I fixed my issues with opening of the first story (more or less), but now the feel of the rest of it, the emotional balance is off. I’m not sure how to round it out, or if I need to. This might all be in […]

And so it goes

I got the beginning of the sequel reworked last night. I’m not sure if I like it, but it does seem to speed things along. I cut about 400 words anyway. The problem is that the tone is slightly different. I’m going to need another pass at the whole piece to see if I can […]

Revising my goals

I was looking over my schedule, and I realized that I had to adjust my timeline goals… again. For one thing, as much as I love working on my novels, they aren’t a money making venture… yet. Someday, but not yet. They need more polish and a professional editor. So, for now, I need to […]

Yes, it’s one in the morning

And since I’m up and it’s technically Tuesday, I’m getting my daily writing post done. Also, and I have soooo looking forward to this, it’s a Tuesday, so the web comic has updated. I loved watching  Miss Ashley draw and color this panel. Plus actual dialogue and characters! Now, I’m going to attempt to finish that story I’ve been working […]

Go to words

The phrases you (as a writer) just cling to. Nothing wrong with them, in abstract. They’re usually just fine, occasionally. The problem with go to words, is that you find yourself using the same phrase over and over. Even worse, once you catch it, and change it… you just pick new go to words. Yeah, I’m […]

Final polish

The writing ADHD is here. Where every word choice is analyzed. Where I search for go to words, and erase them to go toward poetry. I hate this part of editing. I know, I know. This is where the writing gets ‘good.’ But this is also where the sheer fussiness of writing can and will drive a […]

Found it!

Well, I stopped the compulsive reread. I didn’t find what I wanted in the text, but I did find it. It was a bunch of sexist writers that illuminated the problem. See, we got to talking about the Bechdel Test. And has the discussion waxed and waned, someone’s contribution came down to, “Stop whining about […]

Red Witchy Woman

Even as I prep to release Hedge Doctor: Prom and am polishing Last Call, I’m drafting my second novel, The Red Witch. Today, I’m a little frustrated. It’s a pacing issue. My novels all play with narrative structure. While I kept my shorts and novellas straight forward (For the most part. Talasam and Hunted Down both […]

Wait… what?

Tiny bit of shock as of last night. One of my dedicated betas finished Last Call. I was expecting a lot more pacing issues and whatnot, but basically, nope. So I’m staring at this critique, and I’m about to reread the others (because, Huh? Really?), but I actually may be done with the plotting and […]

Back on the ball

My deadline for Hedge Doctor: Prom is coming up. It’s done. It’s been grammar checked by a friend who is way, way better than myself. Really, all I have to do is finish reading it out loud to the husband, the final step in eliminating awkward phrasing. But I could have done that any time in […]