Still on that chapter

And I have been writing. It’s just that this is a fight scene, and one I am rewriting from a new character’s POV. So I’m not just fixing up the fight, but rewriting big chunks of it because Barb wouldn’t know what a trained warrior would. It’s exhausting, mentally. It’s one thing to switch POV between characters with […]

The abyss is staring back

So I’ve been not so much rewriting as rearranging Red Witch. No new scenes, just a new timeline for scenes. Occasionally, I switch POV or squash a few together, or extend something, but nothing new. Until today. I knew this was coming. After all, the point of this rearrangement is that I needed more action sequences. […]

I have no idea what this blog post will be about

Yes,  I am writing, and reading for my betas, and being a full-time mom. So I should have lots to talk about right? Well… I am writing, but I’m drafting and editing doorstoppers.  Long, detailed, slow paced novels full of twists and turns and characters that most people haven’t read, and which I haven’t published. […]


It happened slowly, and then all at once. One day I was lamenting relearning to slow my prose, and the next I had a list of fifteen names for background characters that I knew I would maybe use two of during the actual writing. It sounds ridiculous, but everybody who writes an epic has those […]

Balancing act

Been working on the sequel to Hedge Doctor this week. I fixed my issues with opening of the first story (more or less), but now the feel of the rest of it, the emotional balance is off. I’m not sure how to round it out, or if I need to. This might all be in […]