Matching styles

I’m starting to feel sorry for my critiquers, because my novel is a touch… bipolar. At this point, I’m really frankensteining the thing. There’s a lot of cutting and pasting bits of chapters, and then dashing off 100 or so words to tie it all together. Which is fairly normal for the third draft. The real […]

New Years Revelation

So all my friends are posting their New Year’s Writing Resolutions. And here I am, coffee and stuffed French toast, and I realized that writing-wise, I’m in a good place. I mean, I’m always learning and trying to improve, but really I’m good. I wished I had finished the finale of the final series, still […]

Saturday Scenes: Hunted Down

  Today’s scene comes from Hunted Down, Part Five of the Uncommon Animals series: “Hey man, get up. Let’s go for a run.” Rick’s boisterous voice bounced around Matty’s bedroom. The white cinder block walls silenced the outside world, but anything inside them was magnified. Matty rolled over and buried his face in his thin […]

Free Book Friday!

In just eight weeks, my new series Monsters of Pittsburgh, gets off the ground. So in honor of the new series, I’m doing Free Book Fridays! Today’s book is Part One of Uncommon Animals: The Hunted The first of seven stories set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Terry prided herself on blending into the crowd. She was […]

It’s here! It’s here!

The Omnibus Edition is here! Unfortunately, there has been a tiny problem with the print edition, but that should be straightened out by tomorrow. The good news regarding the print edition is that once it’s available, if you bought the ebook through amazon you can get the print edition MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD cheap! More details once that […]

One more day

Tomorrow, the Omnibus Edition is out. I have a few tweaks to make, but it’s done and ready, and tomorrow, I’ll have a hard copy book for sale. This also means that the first series is officially done tomorrow. No more tweaks, no more worrying.  I can turn all my attention to revising and editing […]

Aiming for the stars

The Omnibus Edition is just about to hit (metaphoric) shelves, and I’m an odd mix of excited and scared… and wistful. All of this hard work the last year or so is aimed at getting an editor for my free novel, my 130k fantasy epic. Editors cost money and my book is just too big […]

Publishing Day!

Is not today! But soon! Tuesday, July 1st to be exact. And yes, I will also be offering a print edition, of which I am very nervous about. Other work-wise, I’ve had to rewrite a few scenes that last two days, but I still haven’t fixed an ending that’s bugging me.    

Forever Summer

In just ten minutes, summer vacation starts. I’m looking forward to this more than the kids I think. I’m free of enforcing homework rules, and haranguing them into uniforms. No more making small talk with people who I don’t really know. Forever Summer! I did not get the omnibus edition yesterday,  I was consumed by […]

Getting ahead

I finished up my the roughs of my covers for Monsters of Pittsburgh last night. I posted them in a few writing groups for feedback. Damn does it feel good to be ahead. The story is done (if rough), and the covers are done (if a little rough). Little far, far less stress than making […]