New Challenge

Publishing Day has come and gone. Now the challenging part starts. Expanding my empire. The last of my stories will be coming off of KDP select and disseminated across the interwebs. I’ll be everywhere soon. All this will be happening as I format the omnibus edition. For an added challenge, I’ve decided to release through […]

The stressful part

The husband and I were discussing our plans for the day.  I mentioned that I needed to do one last proofreading run before the 1st, for my own piece of mind. “I can’t wait until I can afford editors and artists. Proofreading and creating covers is the stressful part of self-publishing.” He laughed. “I’d think […]

Freakin’ Warhol

I am not a graphic artist. I’m at best a passionate amatuer… emphasis on amatuer. I have however made my own covers. I’ve had fun with it, but the day I can turn it over to a pro, I will.  In the meantime, I do my best. Since the city of Pittsburgh is such a […]


AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Go here, and get free stories! Or here! Or here! You can get the first six Uncommon Animals stories for free this week. The grand finale, Hunter’s Moon will be released this Sunday for $0.99 on Amazon. But before you snag that, you can (and should!), get caught up on the first six stories… […]

Wait… what?

So last night, my newest proofreader finished Hunter’s Moon. All that’s left to do is read it out loud to the husband. Yes, I even wrote the blurb! The end is in sight. Yes, I need to make the cover for the anthology, but I picked an easy one. And there’s minimal formatting and NO […]

Eleven days and counting

Publishing Day is looming. I’ve proofread four out the six previously published stories. My cover is done. My blurb is not written (I hate them). My finale is mostly proofread. My promo is prepped. I’m feeling a touch overwhelmed, I admit. But part of that is the end of the school year too. Picnics, field […]

Sunday, Funday

Still recovering from the husband’s birthday. No we didn’t go out and get trashed. He got nailed with a stomach flu. Poor guy is pretty well wrecked, but he did get his Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes, so he went to bed happy on Friday night. Last night… I should be drafting the final Monsters of Pittsburgh […]

The finale

So it’s two weeks until publishing day. My cover is done. My story is done. I will ask friends about grammar checks and do at least one myself, but The Hunt at the Haunt is ready. The finale… I’m not so sure of the finale. I feel like it drags in the middle. I need […]

I only have myself to blame

So yesterday, I wanted to work on those two short stories. I fiddled around half-heartedly, got a few sentences down. Mostly I obsessed over my book covers, before settling down to watch some Supernatural with my husband. So imagine my surprise when I glance at down at the clock and see that its one in the […]

Back to the grind

I’m pretty proud of myself. I not only got my short story polished up for May 1st,  I also got some structural work done on the latest novella. The ending lacked punch and I knew it. This week I need to start working on my cover. I think I’ll be updating all of them… again. […]