Publishing Day – Brownie

It’s been over a week since her friend’s death, but Mina Grekov still isn’t back to normal. Even her new relationship with Rick can’t chase away her blues entirely. But a phone call for help from Rita’s bar might change all of that. Just 0.99 over at Amazon!

Another snow day

Well, Linus blanketed us in snow. The husband and I are about to take the kids sledding, so I’mma be brief. Tomorrow my short story, Brownie goes live on Amazon. You can buy it today though, and wake up tomorrow with it ready to go. And please, sign up for my newsletter. The only way […]

Live Tweeting Today

Brownie is due to Amazon tomorrow.  I’ll be listening to it (Text to Voice is a godsend!) and live tweeting at 1PM. I can’t believe I’m already turning in the sixth Monsters of Pittsburgh story. This series has flown by. For those who have been waiting for it, the Omnibus Edition for Monsters of Pittsburgh […]

I’m back, baby!

Got my flash for Valentine’s Day written. Got some critiques for friends done (still not caught up, but a ton closer than I was). Figured out why I’m not liking the ending to the last Mina and Matty story (continuity snarl!). I feel like my brain is functioning again. Hopefully, this lasts for a while. […]

Crazy, cold Friday

The wind is blowing and the snow is coming down, and I’m getting caught up. Slowly but surely. Went through my crits yesterday, even gave a few in return. I’m hoping to get more done this weekend, but who knows. I also need to proofread Brownie. I’m pretty stoked about this one. It’s another of […]

I swear today is the last time I’ll post this.

Yes, please, please, please, if you are at all curious about this sign up for my newsletter! The first Chelsea Childling story comes out tomorrow. The newsletter is just a bimonthly publication, once on Publishing Day and two weeks later for a Chelsea story (a flash fiction series only available on my newsletter!) As for me… I […]

Thought to text

I needs it. So bad. With Humans getting ready for publication, I’m already turning to the last two Monsters of Pittsburgh stories. Brownie is fine. It’ll need the grammar checks, but its in good shape. Werewolves though. I had a brilliant idea, wrote it out around Halloween, but somehow it didn’t save. So I’m going […]