Santa’s Amazon

I am six feet of Christmas cheer about to descend on you! Yeah, I love the holidays. And since I’m fairly positive that Black Friday is a societal cancer, devoid of everything that makes this time of year wonderful, I spend mine decorating and making cookies. So very, very little writing is going to happen […]

Nothing to do

Well, I have critiquing to do, and I have been doing it, but writing for me… Nope. Nada. Nothing. Wendigo needs proofreading (as always), but really, nothing until I listen to it in a few weeks. And I’m trying not to draft until Nanowrimo. Yes, I AM doing Nanowrimo. I’m hoping to finish my Mina […]

Talasam is a go!

Did my text to voice session last night. Talasam is finished, and I didn’t see the point in waiting any longer. So I compiled the .epub, and uploaded to Amazon a few days early. Yes, you can pre-order, but no reading until November 6. Now that Talasam is functional, I’ll be concentrating on Wendigo and […]

T-minus two days

Sheepsquatch in two days!   I hope the title intrigues readers as much as it my betas. I had a lot of fun with this monster. Me though, I’m already prepping Talasam for next month.   I want to tweak the cover a little, and I’m finally happy with content. Now it’s two weeks of […]

Looking for a post

Yeah, I’ve been staring at the screen for a few moments, trying to think of something to write.  Things are pretty quiet here. The kids are at school. Sheepsquatch is more or less ready to go.   I’ll listen to it the audio tomorrow (and I’ll live tweet it), but really that’s for my peace […]

Tell yourself the Story

This… just this. The concept blew my mind this weekend. To me there’s a lot of truth here. At least, how I see my writing. Okay, stop, back up and explain. I’ve now written 15 stories with Matty, Mina, Rick, and Sam.  Most of my editing is explaining actions and reactions to readers. Occasionally, even […]


The month is winding down, which means publishing time for me. I have lots of stuff on my mind, tweaking my covers, how to promote, and the all consuming proofreading. I’ll probably sit down and let the computer read to me next week. I’ll live tweet it, because the robot computer voice is HILARIOUS when […]

Inspiration and time

It’s funny how it works. When I had time, I had no inspiration. Now that I’m living based on the alarms on my phone again, I’m suddenly writing up a storm. The good news is that I’ll have lots of material for publishing if I have to go back to work. The bad news is […]

Gearing up

I’m getting back on the publishing train. And I do like Amazon pre-order. Sure I kind of wish there was some sort of preview beyond the book cover, but people can see exactly when things are coming out! And I have deadlines that I have to keep! I like deadlines! So my busy time is a […]

New week, new worries

My husband is out of town for next few days. So I am or may not get more writing done. On the one hand, it’s just me and the kids. On the other hand, they have to start practicing going to bed early and getting up and ready to start their days (no more lounging […]