So I didn’t…

Get anything useful done writing-wise yesterday. Didn’t edit, or work on my blurbs, or critique anybody. I did, however, start collecting school uniforms for my kids, found them some great backpacks at the thrift store (a jansport, messenger style bag for $2.99!),  and got the grocery shopping done. Today is haircuts for the boys and […]

The other side of the business

I finished my Nanowrimo ahead of schedule, which is great, because I have sorely been neglecting my publishing business. Which I know sounds weird since finishing my Jeff stories means I have enough material to publish for a year. But self-publishing isn’t just about the writing. I am my own marketing team. Which is why  I […]

…and DONE!

33503 words! Woot! Finished it last night! I’m mean there are some HUGE plot holes and the fights are really, really lame, but the basic plot is written! The rest of July and August is dedicated to pushing Uncommon Animals.  This week I’ll clean (metaphoric) house. I changed my cover for the book because it […]


I haven’t finished my Nano… *hangs head.* I want to, but it’s an action sequence… and a LONG one. Even wore, I can see the plot holes that run over the three pieces. They are to be expected. I’ve banged this bad boy out over three weeks with no editing. Normally, I’d just put off […]


That’s the number of words I left to right to hit my Nanowrimo goal of 30,000 words. Unfortunately, I have about 6,000 more words until the story ends. Still, it feels good to be this close to done. It feels amazing to know that when I finish this story, I’ll have a year’s worth of publishing […]

Final Stretch

I finished the second Jeff story yesterday.  I’m two-thirds of the way done, and the final stretch is in sight. So I took my kids to the pool and then napped the rest of the day. Today, I’ll start to push myself and see if I can can’t get this bad boy written in a week. […]

Fight Scenes

I hate them. Well, I hate writing them. Which is odd, given my choice of genre. The truth is that I’m terrified of repeating myself, and I have a lot of fight scenes. So much like my introductions and explanations, I spend a lot of time rereading my fight scenes and making sure that I’m […]

When you submit to a publisher…

So yesterday, a few of my friends on my favorite critique site begged to read the first Jeff story.  I hemmed and hawed, but I’ve been really digging the story, so I posted the first part, and made sure to note in the author’s comments section that it was a super rough, and I was […]

Both a blessing and a curse

I’m pretty sure that I have ADD. I know, I know, self-diagnosis is THE most obnoxious thing ever, but my oldest has been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, and my parents often chuckle when I tell them stories about his day, and usually find a similar story about me. So I think I’m on safe ground […]

A break

Last night, I was giggling over how adorably sarcastic one of my new characters is, when I suddenly just couldn’t look at Scrivener for one more moment. I’m enjoying the story and I like my characters. In fact, a new favorite should be back in a few hundred words. But I can’t do it right now. […]