Me? I chose the road…

That I usually travel. Though to my credit, I’m usually on my own. Okay, let me explain this, now that I’ve seriously misquoted Frost. Yesterday, I had a dilemma. I had a plan for these Jeff stories, but I got what felt like a better idea. Unfortunately, it would easily add an extra few thousand […]


I went into my nanowrimo with a vague plan. I had some idea where Jeff’s story was going. Enough that I wasn’t too worried about connecting the dots while I wrote. Unfortunately, I’ve hit a point where the story could spin off in a few directions, and I’m not sure which path would be best. […]

Imagination Frustration

So I’m plugging away, writing Jeff’s three stories at Camp Nanowrimo. The first one is almost done, but I’m also still getting critiques for Monsters of Pittsburgh.  And right now, I’m at the most frustrating part of the editing process: Explaining world mechanics and characters quirks  to new readers, while not boring the pants off […]

It’s here! It’s here!

The Omnibus Edition is here! Unfortunately, there has been a tiny problem with the print edition, but that should be straightened out by tomorrow. The good news regarding the print edition is that once it’s available, if you bought the ebook through amazon you can get the print edition MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD cheap! More details once that […]

My brain is mine field

Or maybe a maze. Or maze IN a mine field. Anyway,  I’ve been trying to write these Jeff stories for a few weeks now, and I’ve been pulling a huge blank on them. Finally, a friend convinced me to join her cabin for Camp Nanowrimo in July. This is basically, a Nanowrimo, but you can […]