My husband and former co-author admits that he kind of likes it when I get writer’s block. The whole house gets very, very clean. I’m still stuck on that short. I had a few scenarios to try for the fight scene, but none of them really worked for me. Nothing excited me. Part of why […]

Ahh, procrastination

Got some real work done on one of my shorts yesterday, and then I realized that I needed more action. So I sat down last night to tear it apart and add in an action sequence. I then promptly started working on a scene for the finale of second series. Yes, I even procrastinate very short […]

Back to the grind

I’m pretty proud of myself. I not only got my short story polished up for May 1st,  I also got some structural work done on the latest novella. The ending lacked punch and I knew it. This week I need to start working on my cover. I think I’ll be updating all of them… again. […]

Second verse, same as the first

Publishing day came and went, and I sold one copy. Feeling grisham, baby, feeling grisham. And with the new month comes the new story, and the great circle of publishing starts anew.   I have a bit of a jump start on this one. I’ve already read it out loud to the husband, and it’s been picked […]

Chill Day

My normal Sunday writing routine got messed up a little. Instead of getting up at six with the kids, slinging down my coffee and editing the previous night’s ramblings, I got two new friends. A random conversation between my husband and I resulted in two cats coming to live with us this morning. My day […]