New Comic and a new story!

Probably the last one of the year, but NEW COMIC TODAY!! Also, please, please, please, check out Miss Ashely on facebook. She’s not only responsible for our amazing comic, she also does portraits, book covers, icons for websites, logos, social media banners, etc, etc. Also, today is Publishing Day! Last Call: Cease is live. You can read […]

Back to School

Okay, I’m not going back to school, the kids are. And not until Thursday. Still, I was up at 6 AM, and got them up at 6:30. I’m big on being prepared. Which is why being behind schedule sucks. And I am… still. Yes, I am still playing catch and bitching about playing catch up. […]


It’s what you feed pigs… or is it the act of feeding pigs… both? Which ever it is, it’s pretty much how I feel about Last Call: Cease. Denouement still needs some work, but I also needed a break from it. So I moved on… and was immediately depressed by Cease. It’s sloppy. I don’t […]