We Are What We Are

Sister Mary Clarence pounded on the dorm door once more. “Chelsea Childling, open your door!”

Chelsea stared at the cheap, pressed particle board, wondering if the nun had the strength to knock it down. When Mary Clarence started pounding again, Chelsea sighed. She’d known this confrontation was inevitable. She’d just planned on the inevitable being much later. And maybe over the phone, long after she’s moved out of the dorm and quit school.

Now What?

Mama gave her rolling laugh. “You’re barely old enough to drink. Give yourself some time, and some slack. Now, do you have a young man?”
“Or a young lady. I’m not making assumptions.”

Chelsea Childling Gets in a Fight

Amber whistled as she spun in a circle, taking in the warehouse apartment. “Jack did this?”
Chelsea nodded, her face warming a bit. “Yeah, he set it up…”
The monster hunter turned, hands on her thick hips. “Jackson?”
“Jackson ‘I didn’t catch her name’ Hawk got an apartment, to share, without being prodded, in any way?”