Sassy Saturday Blog Hop

Yes, it’s time for our weekly hop, run by the delectable Miss Jasmine. You can the other hoppers, here. Today’s excerpt, once again, come from Last Call: Denouement. The crowd of hunters roared as Mina ducked under Seth’s drunken punch. The red-haired hunter stood nearly as tall as Rick, which meant she barely cleared his […]

Back to School

Okay, I’m not going back to school, the kids are. And not until Thursday. Still, I was up at 6 AM, and got them up at 6:30. I’m big on being prepared. Which is why being behind schedule sucks. And I am… still. Yes, I am still playing catch and bitching about playing catch up. […]


It’s what you feed pigs… or is it the act of feeding pigs… both? Which ever it is, it’s pretty much how I feel about Last Call: Cease. Denouement still needs some work, but I also needed a break from it. So I moved on… and was immediately depressed by Cease. It’s sloppy. I don’t […]

Final polish

The writing ADHD is here. Where every word choice is analyzed. Where I search for go to words, and erase them to go toward poetry. I hate this part of editing. I know, I know. This is where the writing gets ‘good.’ But this is also where the sheer fussiness of writing can and will drive a […]

Wait… what?

Tiny bit of shock as of last night. One of my dedicated betas finished Last Call. I was expecting a lot more pacing issues and whatnot, but basically, nope. So I’m staring at this critique, and I’m about to reread the others (because, Huh? Really?), but I actually may be done with the plotting and […]