Short stories and fight scenes

This has been a day for short stories and fight scenes. First off, I am about to have Sam and Dean fight a wendigo. The story I’m publishing on Thursday, The Hunt at the Haunt, is also a short story. ¬†And this morning, I got a great critique on another short, although the fight scene […]

Three days until a new story

The best part of being organized and ahead of schedule. When something trips me up, be it second degree burns from my wrist to shoulder or going toe to toe with my depression, I can keep plowing ahead. How far ahead am I this month? I just have to upload the text Wednesday. The cover […]

Got some writing done

Still not up to my usual daily word count, but I made progress on that parody. ¬†Unfortunately, I had a massive time slip due to my being depressed. It just occurred to me this morning that I publish in four days and I don’t have a blurb for the next story. I’ll get it done […]

Faking it until I make it

I still have that drag ass, don’t wanna do anything, feeling of ennui. I’m sore, mostly between my shoulder blades. It’s where I carry my tension. And I’m forcing myself to move beyond it. It’s a struggle I am very familiar with. I want to sleep. I can drink twice my normal amount of coffee […]

The time suck

Another day went by without me getting any worthwhile writing done. Or proofreading the upcoming story. Today I had to drag myself out of bed and barely got the kids to school on time, let alone in time for second breakfast. As I trudged back to my house, I had to concede that I’m depressed. […]