The return of Free Book Friday

Yes, yes, yes. Tomorrow you can snag Monsters of Pittsburgh: Succubus, for free.   But as for today, I’m doing a quick proofread of Last Call, trying to find some weak spots. I’m super ahead on Hedge Doctor thanks to my grammar guru. I should have the ebook loaded to Amazon a few weeks ahead […]

Still not sleeping, but…

So last night, 10 PM, I’m curled up on the couch, eyes closed, cat snuggled, and then boom, my brain snapped into alertness and I was up and going. I have no idea what is wrong with my head, but it appears to not be stopping for awhile. This happens and I just have to […]

The Hunter on Free Book Friday

Yes, it is Friday and that means you can grab the third Uncommon Animals story: In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mina’s already in a bad mood. Then a stranger shows up at Sam Whitestone’s house. He’s dirty, belligerent, and full of surprises. But he also reminds Mina that she’s not on the run anymore. Can she bring […]

Free Book Friday!

This week’s offering is the second Uncommon Animals story: Hunting In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mina Grekov has finally been reunited with her brother Matty, and she’s ready to start hunting monsters again. The only downside is his new best friend. Rick is everything Mina ran from years before, a Speaker. Rick’s ashamed of his past. Being […]

Free Book Friday!

In just eight weeks, my new series Monsters of Pittsburgh, gets off the ground. So in honor of the new series, I’m doing Free Book Fridays! Today’s book is Part One of Uncommon Animals: The Hunted The first of seven stories set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Terry prided herself on blending into the crowd. She was […]