Here’s to the Details, Chelsea Childling

Chelsea slumped against the porch, staying out of the crowd. She still felt like she would puke. She wasn’t really watching monster hunters gather excitedly to learn how to use polearms. Instead, all she could see, over and over, like some sick commercial on a loop in her head, was Amber bolting from the car while the words “I love you” stuck in Chelsea’s throat.

A Night in the Life

Dean realized he was beating a nervous tattoo on the steering wheel and put his hands in his coat pockets. “Matty, are you sure about this?” The wolf in the passenger seat flashed a shady side-eye, and once more Dean marveled at seeing one of his boyfriend’s facial expressions on an animal. “Look, I don’t […]

Let’s plan this hunt, Chelsea Childling

A light rain pattered on the gravel of the parking lot, but the whistling wind promised a storm. Chelsea leaned back in the seat of her car, studying the boarded windows of Boney’s haunt.

She’d been inside a handful of times before she’d decided not to hunt monsters. Dark, dirty, and usually full of surly hunters, it was the natural place to meet and discuss the reaver hunt.

Chelsea Childling Goes on Stakeout

Chelsea pouted in her seat. “This is not nearly as fun as TV makes it seem.”

Jack laughed. “Poor thing. Give me your hands.” Not waiting at all, he grabbed her stiff hands and stripped off her gloves. Chelsea’s shivers had little to do with the cold as he huffed hot breath over her frozen fingers.