Monday, Monday

No, I am not dating myself. But I might be dating my mother… Anyway, my oldest two children start day camp today. And none of us are happy about being out of bed before nine. Which means that this is probably a good thing. We’re, in a very small way, getting ready for school. Hopefully, […]

Actual writing has been done!

With my husband gone for a few days, I was hoping to get some writing done… and I did. Though not as much as I wanted. Still, actual words have been typed. It’s a minor miracle. Hopefully, I can finish the sequel to Hedge Doctor in the next few weeks. Nicole has been giving me fits, […]

Balancing act

Been working on the sequel to Hedge Doctor this week. I fixed my issues with opening of the first story (more or less), but now the feel of the rest of it, the emotional balance is off. I’m not sure how to round it out, or if I need to. This might all be in […]

New comic today!!

Check out our ladies being snarky! Also, boobs! Now that I’ve gotten my daily dose of Miss Ashley’s artwork, I have to get back to work. My editing is done, so it’s back to rough drafting for me. For now though, I’m gonna chug some coffee and try to wake up!

…and the train chugs along

Yesterday was awesome. Getting the cover out, and starting the web comic. Tomorrow and next Tuesday, when we release actual pages, will also be super exciting. But today, I have work to do. The final Hedge Doctor story, Graduation, has to be to Amazon on the 20th, and I, in my infinite crazy, added a minor […]