Humans is live

The fifth installment of Monsters of Pittsburgh is live today! The situation is tense in the Steel City. Rick and Mina still haven’t dealt with their issues, and Matty’s stress levels are on the rise. When an assassin comes for Dean, only an old friend can save him. It’s 2.99 to buy or free with […]

So yesterday

I lamented that my friends probably wouldn’t have the time to help me get Humans ready for publication. Holy crap was I wrong. No less than seven people stepped up and read through the story, Typos were caught, emotion miscues recued, and most importantly, I know that newbies can pick this up and follow along. I’ll […]

Of course…

So here I am, trying to do all that last minute Christmas stuff, and in the middle of it, I decide to revamp Humans just a few days before it’s due to Amazon. I sent out the word, begging my friends to give it a once over.  I’m hoping people have the time, but I’m […]

Thought to text

I needs it. So bad. With Humans getting ready for publication, I’m already turning to the last two Monsters of Pittsburgh stories. Brownie is fine. It’ll need the grammar checks, but its in good shape. Werewolves though. I had a brilliant idea, wrote it out around Halloween, but somehow it didn’t save. So I’m going […]

Hello Christmas!

Yes, it is that that time of year again. And really, I’m super stoked. I LOVE this holiday! But, I’m really, really glad I don’t have a ton to do writing-wise this year. Last year, I decided to start the Uncommon Animals series in December. I had no cover, just an idea for one. This month, […]