Red Witchy Woman

Even as I prep to release Hedge Doctor: Prom and am polishing Last Call, I’m drafting my second novel, The Red Witch. Today, I’m a little frustrated. It’s a pacing issue. My novels all play with narrative structure. While I kept my shorts and novellas straight forward (For the most part. Talasam and Hunted Down both […]

Pocket Watch Character Spotlight Blog Hop

So one of my favorite writing groups is doing a blog hop today about our favorite characters. You should check them out too! There’s Sarah who will talk about her most adorably broken Nate. Jeanne and her Pony, a centaur of a different color. Amelia and her original monster, Theron, and his human lover, Alex. And […]


Comes out tomorrow! Though you can pre-order it from Amazon. This story has a story. And it starts with the original Mina and Matty story: The Hunted. See, I was writing something for a competition, and I desperately needed names. So I stole them from a friend’s book, with permission. So Sam and Rick, became […]

Hunted Down and crumbled

We’re faster, stronger, and smarter than you. This story, in my opinion, is the best of the Uncommon Animals series. For one thing, we finally get some clue as to what’s up with Matty, but we also get a look at what Mina and Matty were like before they ran away. I had a lot […]

Saturday Scenes: Hunted Down

  Today’s scene comes from Hunted Down, Part Five of the Uncommon Animals series: “Hey man, get up. Let’s go for a run.” Rick’s boisterous voice bounced around Matty’s bedroom. The white cinder block walls silenced the outside world, but anything inside them was magnified. Matty rolled over and buried his face in his thin […]

Aiming for the stars

The Omnibus Edition is just about to hit (metaphoric) shelves, and I’m an odd mix of excited and scared… and wistful. All of this hard work the last year or so is aimed at getting an editor for my free novel, my 130k fantasy epic. Editors cost money and my book is just too big […]

Back to the grind

I’m pretty proud of myself. I not only got my short story polished up for May 1st,  I also got some structural work done on the latest novella. The ending lacked punch and I knew it. This week I need to start working on my cover. I think I’ll be updating all of them… again. […]

Second verse, same as the first

Publishing day came and went, and I sold one copy. Feeling grisham, baby, feeling grisham. And with the new month comes the new story, and the great circle of publishing starts anew.   I have a bit of a jump start on this one. I’ve already read it out loud to the husband, and it’s been picked […]

Publishing Day

And, of course, I just didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  It’s nearly warm and very sunny out. Laying there, listening to birds and the fan was too nice. But eventually the real world calls, especially on publishing day. This month’s offering is Hunted Down. The fifth of seven stories set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. […]