So finishing the finale of Monsters of Pittsburgh starts the next phase. Polishing it and adding more foreshadowing in the other stories. I am a firm believer that you cannot adequately foreshadow until you know for a fact what the ending is. And just because I know what I think the ending is, doesn’t mean […]

Sunday, Funday

Still recovering from the husband’s birthday. No we didn’t go out and get trashed. He got nailed with a stomach flu. Poor guy is pretty well wrecked, but he did get his Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes, so he went to bed happy on Friday night. Last night… I should be drafting the final Monsters of Pittsburgh […]

Special Saturday Post

Since tomorrow is a holiday and I’ll be getting three sugared up kids ready to go to grandma’s, I thought I’d write this to the sounds of my youngest son singing Let It Go. Spent last night rereading the finale of Uncommon Animals, Hunter’s Moon. I think I can see what to do to fix […]