Getting ready

Did the final proofread for Hedge Doctor: Finals this morning. I’m still in love with these stories. They were part of what got me back into writing my novels. By the end of writing The Haven, I was sick of dealing with teenagers in fiction.These stories brought back my enthusiasm for characters of the age. […]

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

Catching Cupid *** The tapping on a keyboard woke Dean. He hated that Matty couldn’t sleep, but he loved having the man stay over, especially on Valentine’s Day. I’m turning into a sap. As Dean snuggled closer, Matty leaned an elbow on his forehead, eyes locked on the screen. “We have a small problem.” Laughing, […]

Crumbled Hunting

This was one of the hardest stories to write in the Uncommon Animals series. I’m not a big fan of everything working out neatly just because these are the protagonists. And I had a hell of time balancing Mina’s bad ass monster hunting self with the broken person she had become. Not to mention all […]

It’s a start

  It’s blurry, I know, but my short story, Hunting, hit  #22 on the Kindle Short Reads list yesterday. So I’m pretty stoked about that. Still looking at different ways to market and get the word out, because the weeks between now and publishing the first Monsters of Pittsburgh story are pretty long. Anything can […]

Free Book Friday!

This week’s offering is the second Uncommon Animals story: Hunting In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mina Grekov has finally been reunited with her brother Matty, and she’s ready to start hunting monsters again. The only downside is his new best friend. Rick is everything Mina ran from years before, a Speaker. Rick’s ashamed of his past. Being […]