Both a blessing and a curse

I’m pretty sure that I have ADD. I know, I know, self-diagnosis is THE most obnoxious thing ever, but my oldest has been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, and my parents often chuckle when I tell them stories about his day, and usually find a similar story about me. So I think I’m on safe ground […]

My book!

So, I finally did it. It’s all ready for sale. The hard copy of the omnibus edition. Yes, Uncommon Animals is a real, dead tree book!     So here’s deal, the hard copy book is only available through Amazon, but (and this is the really cool part), if you buy the $2.99 ebook, you […]

The middle doldrums

This is something all writers know about. The middle section of your first draft will sag like mad for a while. You can’t properly write it until you have the ending written. Something similar happens is editing. The drafting process is this mad dash to get the story out, and the ending (publishing) is a […]

Friday Off

Today is my oldest kid’s birthday. So, writing is absolutely taking a back seat. I just want to throw out a piece of advice to my fellow writers: If you’re privileged enough to beta read for someone, check your ego at the door. You’re supposed to be helping them find their voice, not trying to […]

Little bits

That was writing yesterday. A sentence here, a paragraph there. A few bits of action for Jeff, and a breakthrough for Monsters. Jeff’s stuff I’m building, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have the set up done by Friday. Monsters… I’m at the point where I’m adding the layers. The thing about writing a series is […]

Too much story

So I started the new series, my witch series, and I think I might have too much story. As stupid as it sounds, the trick to writing short fiction is to focus on one event. The stories I’m envisioning for Jeff are very big. I’ve thought about cutting out certain plots, but if I do […]

Hunter’s Moon

It’s here! It’s here!   The seventh and final story in the Uncommon Animals series. Mina and Matty finally found the home they always wanted. They’ve settled into a routine of normalcy, working by day, hunting demons at night. But their lives are about to get complicated. The Tribes want them back, and they aren’t […]

The stressful part

The husband and I were discussing our plans for the day.  I mentioned that I needed to do one last proofreading run before the 1st, for my own piece of mind. “I can’t wait until I can afford editors and artists. Proofreading and creating covers is the stressful part of self-publishing.” He laughed. “I’d think […]

Buckle down

Yesterday was one of those days where I found myself unable to do much of anything. I flitted from project to project never really finishing most of them. I did rework the beginning of Sheepsquatch, and I started my cover for the omnibus edition of Uncommon Animals. I played with the basic cover template for […]

Wait… what?

So last night, my newest proofreader finished Hunter’s Moon. All that’s left to do is read it out loud to the husband. Yes, I even wrote the blurb! The end is in sight. Yes, I need to make the cover for the anthology, but I picked an easy one. And there’s minimal formatting and NO […]