Took me a little bit to get going today.

Coffee was my friend today. I had some trouble sleeping. Again. But once I got my butt in gear, I got some words on paper… well Scrivener, which basically the same thing these days. Almost as important, I mapped out the end of the current story line for my flash series. I knew where I was […]

Well, that wasn’t a total waste

So yesterday, I was all set to finish that Chelsea story for next month’s newsletter. I sat down, pandora station running, Pinterest on the right board… and then I found a new author photo. So, naturally, I spent three hours updating all my social media and reformatting the author’s page for all my ebooks. Today, though… I’m still […]

Sleep! I got some!

Not a ton, but more than I have been the past few weeks. Tonight, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on Succubus, which is nerve wracking as hell. I normally LIKE waiting until the last possible second to catch typos and missing words. However, the pre-order system on Amazon wants some reassurances, so I have […]

Still not sleeping, still writing

Yeah, I’m still staying up  until 4 or 5. Last night I really thought I’d be asleep by 10, but no  such luck. At the kids like having mom catnap on the couch in the morning. They are quiet they can get an extra 30 minutes of video games. On the writing front, I’m still […]

Still not sleeping, but…

So last night, 10 PM, I’m curled up on the couch, eyes closed, cat snuggled, and then boom, my brain snapped into alertness and I was up and going. I have no idea what is wrong with my head, but it appears to not be stopping for awhile. This happens and I just have to […]

Still not sleeping

Day four of under three hours.  I got some editing done yesterday, but I’m pretty well fried. I’m hoping to pass out early tonight and be something less than a zombie tomorrow.  

Still working

Never did get that fight scene done yesterday. And it’s not even the fight itself, it’s the lead up to the fight. I’m reworking the some of the emotions and dialogue going in. Little things, but they make for a better story. I had a bad bout of insomnia last night. So I have no […]

I only have myself to blame

So yesterday, I wanted to work on those two short stories. I fiddled around half-heartedly, got a few sentences down. Mostly I obsessed over my book covers, before settling down to watch some Supernatural with my husband. So imagine my surprise when I glance at down at the clock and see that its one in the […]