The abyss is staring back

So I’ve been not so much rewriting as rearranging Red Witch. No new scenes, just a new timeline for scenes. Occasionally, I switch POV or squash a few together, or extend something, but nothing new. Until today. I knew this was coming. After all, the point of this rearrangement is that I needed more action sequences. […]

My darling Marley

And not the one you are thinking of. Although he is named after the Mr. Bob Marley in universe. I haven’t gushed about Marley on this blog, though I have on the old Tumblr one. But a friend picked up The Haven yesterday (okay asked to read it and I loosened my hold on my […]

Too much story

So I started the new series, my witch series, and I think I might have too much story. As stupid as it sounds, the trick to writing short fiction is to focus on one event. The stories I’m envisioning for Jeff are very big. I’ve thought about cutting out certain plots, but if I do […]