Happy Halloween

Dean sat up. “Isn’t there some weirdness for you at Halloween?”

“For werewolves or Canadians?”

“For were- Wait, they celebrate Halloween in Canada?”

Matty rolled his eyes. “Yes, Canada has Halloween. Why did you think there would be weirdness?”

Up and about

Still scratchy-voiced, but not sick. At least, I don’t have the hang dog, just let me go back to bed feelings of yesterday. I chugged some nyquil and went to bed early last night. Time damn well spent. Today, I’m alredy nose deep in Red Witch. Having issues because Edie is smart. And the problem with […]

Pocket Watch Character Spotlight Blog Hop

So one of my favorite writing groups is doing a blog hop today about our favorite characters. You should check them out too! There’s Sarah who will talk about her most adorably broken Nate. Jeanne and her Pony, a centaur of a different color. Amelia and her original monster, Theron, and his human lover, Alex. And […]

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

Catching Cupid *** The tapping on a keyboard woke Dean. He hated that Matty couldn’t sleep, but he loved having the man stay over, especially on Valentine’s Day. I’m turning into a sap. As Dean snuggled closer, Matty leaned an elbow on his forehead, eyes locked on the screen. “We have a small problem.” Laughing, […]

Master Procrastinator

I am amazing at procrastinating. I know most people would consider writing my daily blog the night before the opposite of procrastinating.  The kicker is that it’s supposed to be a daily exercise. Now granted, I give myself one day off a week, but I’m also digressing to make a point. I don’t want to proofread. […]

Saturday Scenes: Hunted Down

  Today’s scene comes from Hunted Down, Part Five of the Uncommon Animals series: “Hey man, get up. Let’s go for a run.” Rick’s boisterous voice bounced around Matty’s bedroom. The white cinder block walls silenced the outside world, but anything inside them was magnified. Matty rolled over and buried his face in his thin […]

Still not sleeping, but…

So last night, 10 PM, I’m curled up on the couch, eyes closed, cat snuggled, and then boom, my brain snapped into alertness and I was up and going. I have no idea what is wrong with my head, but it appears to not be stopping for awhile. This happens and I just have to […]


It comes from the oddest places. The last two posts have been about storytelling and characters, and were directly inspired by  a series of conversations I’ve been having bout whether or not stories and characters were explicitly gendered. Now, of course, someone always tries to being up pregnancy as something that is gendered. My answer […]

I did it!

It’s rough and needs a once over even before the betas can read it. But I finished the second series before June. The first story, Succubus will absolutely be ready by Sept 8. It feels good to be ahead of schedule. And while I have a publishing deadline looming, the cover is done, and it’s […]

Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Apparently, I AM supposed to be a part of this. I got tagged by not just Ripley Nox, but Jesse Pearle and Gina Drayer. Sorry ladies, my head has been directly up my ass the last few weeks. So without further making of excuses, I shall Blog Hop!   1) What am I working on? Lots […]