We do it to ourselves, ladies

I like writing characters. That sounds weird, but I like watching characters grow and change. Mina in The Hunted is not Mina in Hunter’s Moon. Oh, she’s still got a temper, and she has a few odd quirks about Speakers, but she’s in a very different place mentally and emotionally. So, I had a lot […]

I did it!

It’s rough and needs a once over even before the betas can read it. But I finished the second series before June. The first story, Succubus will absolutely be ready by Sept 8. It feels good to be ahead of schedule. And while I have a publishing deadline looming, the cover is done, and it’s […]

That time of the month

Publishing Day! What were you thinking? Anyway, this month’s offering is The Hunt at the Haunt. When a demon gets into the bar, Rita has no choice but to call Mina. Can she fight without her partner there to plan it and can she trust the demon hunters not to turn on her while she […]

Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Apparently, I AM supposed to be a part of this. I got tagged by not just Ripley Nox, but Jesse Pearle and Gina Drayer. Sorry ladies, my head has been directly up my ass the last few weeks. So without further making of excuses, I shall Blog Hop!   1) What am I working on? Lots […]

Got it done

Finally finished that short story last night. It needs a once over to really make the whole thing gel, but that’s because it took me a little while to understand exactly what story I was writing. Which sounds backwards, I know. But sometimes, that’s just how it goes. One day, I’ll the plot whole, with […]


I finished up the second to last novella for the second series of werewolf stories and turned to the two shorts that I wanted to write. I wrote maybe 25 words the last three days. More annoyed with myself than anything, I turned to pinterest, trying to something. And I found this! That’s my brownie! […]

Even I had to admit it.

It was time. I needed a grown up blog for my writing. I love tumblr, but I’m straying from the mission a little over there. So here we start again. My professional blog. My name is Kate. I write about vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves, the apocalypse, and the people fighting all of it. I talk about […]