Chelsea Finds Keegan

It wasn’t much a town. A bad Chinese buffet and a few run down fast food joints. The glass and stone turtle by the highway was the high point. Chelsea had seen it flashing in the desert sun from miles back. She assumed the town survived based on its proximity to Reno.

Hair of the Dog, Chelsea Childling

Hot, damp air blew across her face, and Chelsea rolled over. Her heart pounded in her temples and the light hurt her eyes.

Amber’s raspy voice reverberated in Chelsea’s skull. “Hair of the dog, hun.”

Chelsea reluctantly sat up, rubbing gingerly at her eyes. She accepted the mason jar of booze in silence. The bright sunshine felt wrong to her. Today should have been as dark and rainy as last night.

Now What?

Mama gave her rolling laugh. “You’re barely old enough to drink. Give yourself some time, and some slack. Now, do you have a young man?”
“Or a young lady. I’m not making assumptions.”

Chelsea Makes a Decision

“Close your eyes.”
Chelsea stood and did as commanded, but couldn’t help the snicker as freezing wind made her hair flutter. “Can I trust you?”
From the darkness, Jackson Hawk’s breath rose gooseflesh as it snaked along her neck. “Oh, my little nun, you should know better by now.