Happy Halloween

Dean sat up. “Isn’t there some weirdness for you at Halloween?”

“For werewolves or Canadians?”

“For were- Wait, they celebrate Halloween in Canada?”

Matty rolled his eyes. “Yes, Canada has Halloween. Why did you think there would be weirdness?”

Red Witchy Woman

Even as I prep to release Hedge Doctor: Prom and am polishing Last Call, I’m drafting my second novel, The Red Witch. Today, I’m a little frustrated. It’s a pacing issue. My novels all play with narrative structure. While I kept my shorts and novellas straight forward (For the most part. Talasam and Hunted Down both […]

Saturday Scenes

Since Monsters of Pittsburgh: Omnibus Edition comes out in a week I thought I’d share the opening. *** Most demon hunters were morning drinkers. Alcohol washed away the terrors after a night of killing monsters. At ten o’clock on a Friday night, Rita’s bar should have been empty. Instead, the glossy, wooden chairs were filled with […]


It’s almost April. Monsters of Pittsburgh: Omnibus comes out in ten days. And Hedge Doctor: Prom comes out in June. Now the Omnibus, of course, takes care of itself. Those stories are done. But Hedge Doctor needs a proofreading, and the other two stories in the series need a little work still. Nothing major, just a scene […]

Matching styles

I’m starting to feel sorry for my critiquers, because my novel is a touch… bipolar. At this point, I’m really frankensteining the thing. There’s a lot of cutting and pasting bits of chapters, and then dashing off 100 or so words to tie it all together. Which is fairly normal for the third draft. The real […]

Pocket Watch Character Spotlight Blog Hop

So one of my favorite writing groups is doing a blog hop today about our favorite characters. You should check them out too! There’s Sarah who will talk about her most adorably broken Nate. Jeanne and her Pony, a centaur of a different color. Amelia and her original monster, Theron, and his human lover, Alex. And […]


Remember how at the beginning of the week, I was all I love being busy! I have soooo much to do! Well, I do love being busy, but I just couldn’t seem to get my act together. I got all the scripts done for the comic, but after that… well… *shrugs* It took me a day […]

I don’t know

That’s what I’m writing about today. How I don’t know what to write about. I’m busy. It’s tax season, I have a flash story to write, novellas to edit, books to beta read for friends, and a new comic to work on. But really, nothing is going on that is all that interesting to talk […]

A happy, busy, beaver

My erotica writer friends, please PM me the puns and snark. I look forward to them. But yes, I’m never happier than when I’m writing on a deadline. I have six weeks worth of scripts for the comic drafted. The artist and I will be refining them on Friday. After that, it’s two scripts every […]